Pictures by a Maine-iac Part 2

(subtitled: Pets Past and Present - and dates refer to the time with us)


Avatar, the Walking Hassock
(1981 - 1998) [although he didn't live with us from 1984 - 1989]

The first pet hubby and I had when we started living together.
(pictured in 1982, at about 25 lbs - BIG kitty!)

A second photo of Avatar - and yes, he learned to use a toilet!

Talon, the Florida cat
(1984 - 1992)

When we moved to Florida, Avatar was "catnapped" by my in-laws,
so we adopted Talon from the Humane Society.
He moved to Maine when we moved back in 1985.
Avatar was 100% black, Talon had a few white hairs on his chest.
He loved to do things like hide dead snakes between the sheets.
He also walked on a leash and came to a whistle like a dog.
He loved riding in cars, so when he disappeared, we suspected he took a ride......

Spike, the Fly Killer (1/2 of a pair)

Spike liked to sit on Bill's hand and catch flies on the ceiling.
At six month's old, he snuck outside for an overnight and broke his leg.
He died on the Vet's operating table from undetected internal unjuries.

Tigger, the Quiet cat (2/2 of a pair)
(1989 - 1990)

Tigger was always a small cat, and very sweet with the softest "meow".
He met with a car about a year after Spike died.

Captain Stubby Hook, the Skunk cat
(1990 - 1993)

Stubby's tail was deformed - it curled around at the end like a hook.
When he had gas, you'd SWEAR his daddy was a polecat!
He disappeared into a snow storm in Bangor.

Zippy (aka "Pinhead"), a Maine version of "Wabbit Ears"
(1995 - 1999)

A stray who "adopted" us one winter,
He got his name from "zipping" around (& saying "Yow" - *grin*)

Precious (grey) & Mittens (black), the Yin-Yang sisters
(1999 - 2000)

Pictured at 5 months, this pair didn't stay for long.
Mittens met with a car her first night out at about 10 months.
Precious disappeared at 1 & 1/2 - we suspect a wild critter got her.

Cindy Crawford, aka Moreta Marsupial

Dubbed "Cindy Crawford" at the vet's office where I work,
This tiny baby was nearly dead when we met and had to be force fed.
When she seemed to be getting better, I brought her home in my pocket.
The kids dubbed her "Moreta Marsupial" (Moreta means "girl of the dark")
She died on May 20th, 2002 at about 3 weeks old.
We're not sure what was wrong with her.....

Tiger, the Tough Guy
(October 2002 - May 2011)

After a couple of years of debate, we finally got a new kitten.
We aren't letting this little guy out to be eaten or run over......

Of course, he's not so little any more, as this series from 2003 shows:

All of the photos use an unchanging "measuring stick"
- my daughter's arm!
(She hasn't grown anywhere near as fast as Tiger)
He's actually small for a Maine Coon mix at 14 lbs....
(Update 4/3/2008: Now that he's finally full size, he weighs in at 17 lbs!)
(Update 2/20/12: After multitudes of tests for an unknown illness, Tiger was diagnosed with lymphoma.
He was euthanized when everything we were doing stopped working.)


Bucky Squaretongue - so called for obvious reasons
(1987 - 1992)

Hubby sent me out for "a Husky or a German Shepard" puppy.
Buck was both, so I brought him home.
At 6 months old, Buck licked scissors held by our 2-year-old son.
A 1-year-old in this pic, Buck weighed over 100 lbs.
Obviously, the bit of missing tongue didn't bother his appetite!
He ended up going to the Humane Society when we had to move to Bangor
(Unfortunately, the landlord wouldn't let us keep him.)

Tobi, the Wonder Dog
(1996 - 1999)

Advertised as a black Lab/Collie cross, Tobi looked like neither.
His favorite things: swimming; tug-o-war; riding snow mobiles and jet-skis.
"Retired" (euthanized) for "illegal roughing of a minor".
(He attacked an 11-year-old friend of ours unprovoked -
and caused serious damage to the boy's face)

"Little" Bear, the Misnamed
(August 1998 - July 2011)

A Husky/Collie cross that we found in Uncle Henry's (a swap & sell guide),
Bear was about 6 months old when we got him in February 1999.
(Just before the incident with Tobi and the 11-year-old.)
We dropped the "Little" from his name right away - for obvious reasons!!
He loves doing all kinds of things with us - like hiking as pictured here!

Bear at the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race - a favorite place to go!
(Update 2/20/12: As with Tiger, I hadn't come in to update that Bear developed a nasty, cancerous lump on his side.
He was in too much pain to continue in July, so we let him go across the Rainbow Bridge.)

Bugs Bunny, the Monster Rabbit
(1988 - 1992)

My in-laws insisted Bugs be given to our son for Easter.
They had never had a bunny live for more than 6 months,
But they'd never given it grain (just carrots and lettuce).
We gave Bugs to friends in 1992, but he lived on until 1996.
He eventually had a heart attack, as he ate anything in sight.

We also have had a LOT of fish, but never took photos of them.....

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